Creating Better Outcomes for Mental Health

Who We Are

Glacier Health and Development Center (GHDC) was established as an organization for mental health, program development, ethical research, and social responsibility. We employ a multidisciplinary, holistic approach to solution forming. We are committed to advancement, breaking away from traditional implementation models to deliver targeted services that push the standards of excellence for community- level change and interventions for public health.

The staff at GHDC are skilled professionals, each having their own personal values for the work and a dedication to meaningful, sustainable growth for people, communities, and the organizations surrounding them. We offer routine outpatient counseling, intensive outpatient services, mental program planning for healthcare organizations, change management services, professional development opportunities, and research for community empowerment.

Glacier’s program development services increase second order change, driving community mobilization through frameworks of the Global Compact and Sustainable Development Goals. Theories of social science are integrated with the practice of change management for businesses to engage stakeholders and achieve their company missions to a larger effect size. 

Glacier helps people, communities, companies, and organizations to develop in lasting ways. By navigating difficult conversations, solutions are found for the real-world conditions affecting health, organizational development, and social justice. Reach out today to find out how we may be able to serve you in discover better solutions and better health outcomes.

Mission Driven

Glacier acts as connector between theory and practice, building services from trusted systems. Through partnerships, integrative methods, and a lens of critical psychology, Glacier has dedicated itself to looking deep below the surface to issues in society with hopes to achieve a better world. And our services are geared to reach individuals and organizations who need them most.

Vision Oriented

GHDC strives to be a leader in mental health service, mental health research, and support for new programs that manage the growing global disease burden. Our vision is a world where individuals have access to the resources and systems that support mental health and sustainable relationships.

Our Services