Research & Development

Glacier acts as a compass for new and developing research and programs, assisting in the evaluation, structure, and implementation of public health interventions nationally and abroad. System development and research services often lead to better logic models, greater benchmarks, new evaluations systems, and strong engagement. With these things in mind, our effort can drive structures in place to support the mission and benefits of a a given science.

A logic model connects program goals to expected outcomes. As a planning partner, Glacier helps to develop a strong logic model that guides the development of specific goals, measurable activities, and detailed steps. If a goal, activity, or step does not support the program, it doesn’t support the organization’s ultimate vision. Including stakeholders in the process—both local organizations and community leaders interested in the goals of the program—achieving the company mission with sustainable outcomes.

Glacier helps our clients design logic models and program plans that respond to funding opportunities and fit nicely into a funding application while maintaining adherence to organizational goals. As a planning partner, Glacier can help establish a new program for your organization or help an established program reach new capacity through the following system of services:

Review and analysis of research related to a target program to develop a list of guiding principles and important program components.


Create policies and procedures that align with an organization’s and/or a funder’s expectations.

Assist clients with development of program training. Create a staff monitoring plan to support a strong program


Review a specific notice of funding opportunity to assess alignment with an organization’s mission, summarize all requirements, and assess an organization’s preparedness to successfully apply for funding

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