Our Providers

He/They: Robin is Glacier’s Executive Director, a senior clinician, and principal investigator for implementation science and program evaluation services. As a therapist, Robin is skilled in trauma informed methods for recovery and eclectic treatment planning as a modality for holistic, multi-cultural counseling.

Robin’s clinical experience comes from working in foster care & adoption services, refugee support services for the Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative, child and family behavioral health services for survivors of genocide, provision of behavioral health supervision for intensive counseling services, and outpatient counseling for clients ages four through adulthood.

Robin’s research and program support experience includes change management services for Project Hope’s youth services in South Africa, development of a stakeholder analysis for Indigenous populations in Kalaallit Nunaat, start-up support services for new counselors, and program supervision for various organizations within the continental United States.

Robin believes that a better world is possible, emphasizing intentional listening, better systems, and better relationships as paths for this to happen. Robin combines these beliefs with Western and non-Western methods to support patients, professionals, and program leaders to achieve better outcomes.

Alana Chandler, LPC

Clinical Director

She/Her: Alana is a compassionate and warm art therapist who employs creative, evidenced-based methods to support her clients in achieving a better state of wellness. Alana is skilled at talk therapy, mindfulness, and trauma-focused methods of counseling, but believes strongly in the power of art to support individuals with recovery.

Alana has experience working with children, adolescents, and adults. And regardless of the modality, Alana will build services that are specific to the person in therapy, breaking away from “one-size-fits-all” outpatient methods and providing interventions that make a difference.

Kayla Ruffin

Office Manager

She/Her: Kayla wears several hats in her work for Glacier Health and Development Center. As our office manager, Kayla handles the GHDC centralized intake system, the insurance billing process, patient accounts, and various other duties. Kayla manages all of these duties while being a kind and calming presence at our front desk.

While Kayla’s hours vary, she can often be reached by contacting GHDC at info@ghdc.org, or by phone at (804) 918-1115. Kayla can also manage requests and communications by fax, at the office fax number (804) 597-0185.

Emily Wright


She/Her: Emily is a Licensed Resident who practices from a belief that messiness in life does not need to be handled alone, and she employs her counseling experience from outpatient and inpatient settings to multimodal psychotherapy that is culturally competent and LGBTQ+ friendly.

Emily is a strong collaborator, partner with clients to influence best outcomes. Emily is experienced in treatment for depression, anxiety, trauma, men’s issues, grief, and women’s issues. Emily frequently uses DBT skills but also combines methods for a patient centered approach.

Francesca Hector-Jones


She/Her: Francesca is a Licensed counselor serving with the belief that many of us could use support with connecting. By creating a safe and supportive space, Francesca brings light to the joys, suffering, mishaps, and accomplishments that we each will face while navigating life.

Having significant experience in assessments, intensive counseling, and holistic health methods, Francesca creates a unique experience for each of her clients. With careful planning, Francesca supports individuals with being themselves, unabashedly, so that they may heal and grow.

Kat Grace


She/Her: Kat is a Licensed Resident driven by the belief that we are all worthy and capable of healing and she is committed to empowering others to become their best selves. In session, she is warm, relaxed, and playful while supporting adolescents and young adults in a safe and nurturing environment.

Kat operates, fundamentally, from a client-centered perspective, forming strong bonds with her clients and using the therapeutic relationship to manage the sweeping effects of childhood true, invalidating circumstances, and other challenges.

Meagan Arnold


She/Her: Meagan is a strong, skilled Licensed Resident who facilitates the best with everyone she serves. Practicing from the belief that people are resilient and able to accomplish anything when given correct supports, Meagan supports others in supporting themselves to overcome and achieve.

Meagan works from a variety of counseling methods and has a special interest in services for religious-based traumas. Meagan primarily serves adolescent and young adults, but has skills to service all age types, and people from a variety of cultural backgrounds and social challenges.

Lindsey Bowers


She/Her: Lindsey is an ally and an assistant to everyone she counsels. Working as a Licensed Resident, Lindsey give kindness, compassion, and listening for understanding, forming strong bonds in the counseling space and using relationships as a foundation to change and wellness.

Lindsey provides eclectic, trauma informed therapy for children, adolescents, and adults. Regardless of the modality or age, Lindsey provides client-specific mental health services where “necessary change” is often defined by the person in services.

Eric Reitz


He/Him: Eric is a Licensed Resident who believes each person has a story to be told. And within stories lies the path to healing, discovery, and development. Through narrative, existential, and evidence-based therapies, Eric supports youth, adolescents, and adults in building a path forward.

Eric provides person-centered counseling services so that each person’s unique needs are honored and addressed. Eric’s work in counseling has been appropriately filtered through his own work of becoming, leading to greater vulnerability and better partnerships for recovery.

Mikayla Baugh


She/Her: Mikayla is a Licensed Resident who believes that individuals come to therapy with skills that have helped them to survive up until the present. As a clinician, Mikayla assists individuals in realizing their strengths and applying them to the betterment of mental health and issues affecting wellness.

Mikayla provides eclectic, integrative, and strengths-based counseling. Mikayla has experience in serving children and adults, and has a special interest in counseling teens and young adults who are managing depression, anxiety, and life transitions.

Matt Gamble


He/Him: Matt provides services to GHDC as a Licensed Resident. Matt is a veteran to the mental health industry, with roughly 20 years of progressive experience. Matt believes firmly in cultural-relational perspectives of service, centering rapport as a leading indicator for success in counseling.

Matt lives as a person believing that we all have the potential for greatness. Employing individualized, culturally-informed methods, Matt facilitates others’ understanding of their potential to address issues such of trauma, addiction, and mood problems.

Alicia Thompson


She/Her: Bio Coming Soon!

Andre Edgarian

Pysch Intern

He/Him: Andre provides services as a psychotherapy intern and works to create safe and supportive spaces for people to meet their goals and gain the skills to achieve a better life. Andre helps clients to understand themselves and their individual path to meaningful, sustainable forms of change.

Andre is training in integrative practices for mental health, but has a special interest in strengths-based, solution focused methods of care. Andre believes strongly that change is meant to be sustainable, and therapy can act as a resource to build lives of fulfillment.

Julie Ebersole

Pysch Intern

She/Her: Julie provides services as a psychotherapy intern who believes that her clients are the experts in counseling spaces. By putting client strengths and perspectives at the front of her practice, Julie can partner with individuals to achieve sustainable outcomes for health and wellness.

Unconditional positive regard is an essential practice in Julie’s methods for counseling. Regardless of what comes up through counseling, Julie will provide an empathetic ear, working to support her clients in supporting themselves through life.

Andrea Ryan

Pysch Intern

She/Her: Bio Coming Soon!

Vicky Arriola

Pysch Intern

She/Her: Bio Coming Soon!

Tiffany Jenkins


She/Her: Bio Coming Soon!