Billing Details


Mental health services can be paid for at the full out-of-pocket cost, by discounted rate for low-income clients, or through insurance reimbursement. Discounted rates are subject to income verification across all programs and insurance reimbursement requires eligibility verification at regular intervals for services to continue. When billing towards your insurance benefits GHDC will submit a claim for the entire amount of sessions. In the claims adjudication cycle, your insurance carrier will apply all applicable discounts, dependent upon contracted rates for the year of service. 

Insurance Types Accepted

(Other health plans may be accepted but are subject to eligibility verification).

  • Aetna
  • Aetna Better Health
  • Anthem
  • Anthem HealthKeepers
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • CareFirst
  • Cigna and Evernorth
  • Friday Health Plans
  • HealthKeepers
  • Magellan
  • Molina Healthcare
  • Optima
  • Optum
  • Oxford Health
  • UnitedHealthcare

Verification of Benefits

GHDC uses a standardized insurance billing process, requiring the use of a federal tax ID number and various national provider ID numbers. In many cases, a potential client can verify their eligibility and cost of services by contacting their insurance carrier and verifying benefits information for tax ID 850528566 and National Provider Identification (NPI) number 1801421177. In select cases, the potential client will also be required to give the NPI number for Robin Usher, LPC, NCC (1861883969) and/or Alana Chandler, LPC, ATR (1558018515), the supervisors for all GHDC mental health services. 

Invoicing Policies

Invoices for counseling are generated and sent out to portal members on a weekly basis, with the exception of times where a payment processing error has occurred with the patient card on file. In many situations, patients can make payment or have automatic payments processed for their accounts within 7 days of a service happening. However, some exceptions apply. Events like claims processing delays and credit card processing errors may extend the timeline for invoices being generated for a patient’s account. And while GHDC makes all reasonable efforts to keep billing up to date, it is unable to make a guarantee of final amounts or final timelines as these things are subject to a number of variables. 

GHDC makes reasonable efforts to stay current on patient deductible, copay, and co-insurance information across service provision. However, there is still a possibility for errors to occur in the timely processing of these fees given complexities of the insurance billing process. Delays in claims processing, changes in insurance standards, unexpected changes in insurance policies, and other situations may shift the amount that client’s are expected to pay for their out-of-pocket costs when using insurance benefits to pay for services. Clients are encouraged to check the regular processing of insurance claims with their insurance carrier, and all balances and/or discrepancies with billing should be reported to the scheduling provider. 

Acceptable Payment Methods for Balances Due

GHDC accepts all major credit and debit cards, as well as flex spending and health savings cards. New and continuing clients of the organization are required to keep a card on file for billing purposes. Receipts will be sent to your email on file each time that a payment is made to your account, and in many cases our office will notify you before processing payment for abnormal balances. Continuing clients agree to notify our office if there is a change to the card that has been placed on their account for billing.

Cancellation and Attendance Policies

No shows and cancellations are not insurance billable and may interfere with the quality of services over time. As such, GHDC has established a no show and late cancellation policy to support attendance in our mental health service programs. Service cancellations and rescheduling should be made with at least 48 hours’ notice to prevent a late cancellation fee and/or interruption of services. Clients should cancel or reschedule their appointment by using the client portal for contacting their respective provider. Being more than 15 minutes late to a scheduled session will qualify as a no-show for the appointment in question.

GHDC is committed to having a quality staff roster that is dedicated to professional development and best practices, while deterring late cancellations and no shows. As part of the duty to serve our clinicians who serve others, clinical staff are paid for cancellations and no-shows that would not provide them with revenue in many other counseling settings. To support payment of staff hours and appropriate service schedules over time, GHDC will issue a fee of $95 per occurrence for each no-show or late cancellation that occurs while individuals are in services with us. Additionally, frequent rescheduling, no-shows, late attendance, and/or cancellations often disrupt the effectiveness of care and may result in a cancelation of services, regardless of whether a person has been issued a late cancellation fee.

Medicaid and Medicare patients are only subject to the no-show and late cancellation policies above to the extent that services may be terminated if sessions are not cancelled with appropriate notice. Medicaid and Medicare clients should report, to their assigned provider, all invoices that are received in error for cancellations or no-shows.